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Industrial Designer based in Orange County, CA.


I love rough sketches, clean sketches, innovative design and fresh markers. It was my adolescent curiosity and inquisitiveness that led me down the path to product design. I spent much of my youth building and taking things apart in my dad's wood shop. I always had a need to know how things worked.

I studied industrial design at the Art Institute of California in Orange County. I was lucky to have studied under a group of very talented and prolific designers including Chong Pak and Robb Westerkamp. Since then, I have teamed up with a variety of companies all over the world working on a diverse range of product types. I am also a product designer for and co-founder of the Orange County-based design collective, Sketchy Design Studio.

From start to finish, I have the tools, experience and resources to take your idea from dream to reality. I offer a wide range of industrial design services including 3D Printing. My proficiencies include:  

  • Ideation and conceptual design

  • Solidworks

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • 3D rendering and rapid prototyping

  • Model fabrication

Please contact me for detailed resume, pricing and availability or questions.